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Will you take a step, a small step, to transform yourself and leave the era of fish swimming in the opposite direction, symbols of duality? In total trust and joy of being connected ...

The term Maasai derives from the word Ilmao (The Twins) which refers to their experience-based Spirituality that all things are related to others to form pairs of complementary elements.

Maasai Spirituality lies between the inventive, fabricative action of the West and the meditation of the East, and makes Man a co-creator.

It's very concrete in the image of their Mother-Goddess Enk'Aï, Reality that gives life to all that is, not a philosophical concept or an abstract celestial authority.

For Maasai, men or women, it only counts to harmonize internally and intimately with a daily life that is manifold in its aspects and manifestations.

It's important for them to stick as close as possible to their most sacred expression of individual fulfillment: "to have the clear gaze and the alert gait!" Reflecting the extraordinary freedom that inhabits each and, with it, an independent, frank and direct vis-à-vis others and the world in general. Hence the fact that their society lives as a real democracy without a leader, the opposite of any system of domination where command-obedience relations predominate.

People permanently connected to the Mother Earth maintained and reproduced permanently by the Goddess Enk'Aï, they do not recognize of higher status than their Iloïboni Kitok, at the same time high priests, divine mediators, prophets and medicine men of very great fame. For even though they can not decide instead of women and accomplished men, their great prestige and the superior respect they inspire derive from their power to pray Enk'Aï in the name of all.

It took me a long time to understand, but I think I can say that today I have at least a more precise idea of ​​what maasai means.

It was mainly because I missed the Essential on each return to France that I finally realized that being maasai simply meant being human.

And; It is from this philosophy that our concepts are born ... connected beings to create harmony ...

Welcome to our house...

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