Canapé Plane

Canapé Chister


Fauteuil Loft

Fauteuil Home-Run

Canapé Grand Blanc

Chaise longue Remington

Lampe Major d'homme

Fauteuil  Mamoot

Chaise Lilly

Table et tabouret Open Bar

Porte manteaux Grand Manitou

Fauteuil relaxe Pop-In Chair

Table basse Origamï

Table Scara B

Tabouret Scarabella

Collection  Mangrove

Tabouret Mitu

Banc réunion CARRE D’AMITIÉ

Tabouret  Champi

Fauteuil  Cloud

Transat  A Mac

Baignoire Orilo

Tabouret XO

Lampe Et dieu créa la femme

Table apéro La Chance

Lampe Et dieu créa la femme

Lampe Plane

Table Gaïa

Coiffeuse Narcis

Coiffeuse Narcis

Chaise Wood

Table Twister

Canapé Saxad

Grand Father

Design Stéphane Mathieu

"Grandfather, I allowed myself to redraw your chair, seeing you looking for your glasses, your newspaper and your book constantly, I added some ideas. I have a little change your design, but I also kept all the comfort.

I also added a small space for your chocolate bar, by the way here, they will use them too, to put away their tablet!"