The design is built and rebuilt ever grace or because of the multiplicity of fields taken into consideration to give birth to a product.


Initiate some research to suggest new products that challenge the established codes and to make them accept, you have to put themselves in the place of final consumer and understand what he wants.

in 2015, in order to create a research group in association with industry and associations whose goal is to produce the products of tomorrow, today!
The research is not a technology in our organization, it is also in the field of human sciences such as sociology or anthropology.
On the innovation component, talking animation for innovation is in a complete ecosystem multi-functional, matrix, open to the outside of the company.


A classical constraint cost control, our partners want the newproducts is the spearhead of their range and allows to increase top of mind. By analyzing the technology through the prism design, our working group has been able to identify opportunities to use and market. Through the methods of design imported in this direction, accelerating the development cycle is observed and the placing on the market could be in twelve months as for the new shelter "Butterfly" for the company Mobitec, who is today awarded a 2016 Janus.

But design is not associated with the major economic groups, it develops through the same logic, partnerships with Blacksmith
artisans as Florian Moreton end to bring their expertise to new economic and aesthetic territories for their business

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Stéphane Mathieu